Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Kids Lie.

 I was under this misconstrued impression that these innocent little beings were beyond the ability to make up stories.  So filled with innocence and a lack of understanding of negative consequences, that they would always just tell the truth.  They had to, their minds couldn't possibly be so clever as to decide when to tell a fib to suit there little needs or to tell the truth.

I was horribly horribly wrong.

They really truly tell fibs.  These can be the fibs that prevent them from getting into to trouble such as 'why is your brother on the floor crying Rohan, did you push him?'  'No mama, he fell'.  I know he pushed him, Avery knows he pushed him (though he has such an adoration for his big brother he would never tell even if he could), and yet, he offered me a bold faced lie.

There are also the fibs to get what he wants, 'Mama, daddy said I could watch mindless adult sitcoms while eating poptarts and drinking coca-cola'.  I would like to think that daddy would not promise such a thing, though I have seen a box of pop tarts in the recycling box.........

Truly, and honestly, I really did not think that these little buggers could lie, and they really really can.  Well, well well, you really do learn something new every day in the wonderful world of parenthood!  Huh