Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My son the DIVA

There have been so very many changes taking place in my life over the last year that I find it too daunting of a task to recount at this point.  Oh so many changes! So my motivation for starting this here blog back up is actually my beautiful, eldest son, Rodog, the DIVA.

You see over the past few months my son, lets just get back into referring to him as the Rodog shall we?  Anywho, Rodog has been trying desperately to learn how to snap his fingers.  He must have an intense interest in the sharp satisfying sound his fingers make when the very tips rub together in hard, fast manner.  The feeling of the smooth baby prints upon his fingers creating the perfect grip upon each other in order for them to latch on in just a way to crack, to snap.

The reason I mention this small obsession Rodog has acquired is because it has become the core of my amusement over the span of two or three months.  He now has a snap to offer after nearly every sentence he says.  ‘Mom this pizza is delicious’ *Snap.  ‘Avery, stop touching my  toys’ *snap.  ‘I want to go live with daddy because he lets me watch things on tv’ *Snap.

There is such a definitive Diva aspect to his speech now because of that snapping that I am eagerly waiting for the head squiggle back and forth, the lips jutting out in a perfect duck mouth, and those precious little baby fingers snapping their way across his face in a perfect Z shape.  My son the Diva!

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