Sunday, July 25, 2010

Penis Play

There is a saying that has recently come to mind that goes something like (speaking about boys and their penis's) 'once they grab hold, they never let go'. It is a funny saying, and I have thought to myself that it seemed pretty accurate, boys (men) do seem to have a never ending fascination with their genitalia. Now, however, I fully understand that saying.

Since Rohan discovered this extra appendage, he has been yanking on it as if his life depended on it. At first it was always a surprise to him whenever his hands accidentally came across his family jewels, a very pleasant one indeed, he would linger there for a while, pure delight strewn across his face.

Now that he is older, everything else takes the back seat to his penis play. If he has no diaper on, his hand will very rarely remove itself from his boy bits. If he has to do something with two hands, he may give up the task in favour of a much simpler activity that will require just one hand. He has also now taken to pulling his penis up over his diaper/shorts/pants/tighty whitey's and while yanking it as far out as it can go he makes a loud satisfying pssssssssss noise. He pretends to pee on everything in his wake, Mama, Daddy, the couch, himself, stray animals, stuffed or is hilarous. How do you not unintentionally provoke that with laughter?

His new thing now, which is just impossible not to encourage with boughts of tear inducing laughter, is his one man 'Puppetry of the Penis' act. He pulls at his penis as far as it will go along the side of his body while claiming' bum'. He is trying to reach his penis all the way to his bum, let me tell you he gets much farther than you would expect from such a small appendage! He does this quite often and with a new reaching goal each time, such as his knee or just as far down his thigh as it can get. I am so glad I have a little boy, he is petty much the greatest!

I am pretty sure he will be a bit angy at the Mommy the day he reads this fateful blog!

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  1. I have reread this a couple of times and I yet to go from start to finish without the mental image of Rohan doing all these things. Laughter tears everytime!