Sunday, August 12, 2012

No Coffee for you for a WEEK

The Ro-Dog and myself have been having a few mornings/afternoons/evenings filled with ........ahem.........differences in opinion.

Some mornings I can feel my heart pumping hard in my chest.  My breath catches.  Out of control, out of patience, out of ideas.

When we reach the point where I am yelling and he is laughing maniacally.  When threats, coercion and outright expropriation of all things fun continues to fail.  When I have locked myself up in the bathroom desperately wondering how I will manage the teenage years, a time when he will be a foot taller and hormones are shooting out of his pores, he retaliates.

Screaming as loud as his little four year old lungs can handle, Ro-Dog offers a little browbeating himself.  Taking the only thing that he can think of that I expressly love on a regular basis, he lets me know in no uncertain terms, that I will not be allowed to consume coffee for a whole week.

Normally this results in me stifling my laughter and then finally calming the eff down and figuring out where to go from here, but it always resonates something in me.  Is my madness somehow associated with the high dosage of delicious, milky, sweet nectar of the gods.  Do I feel out of control, because really I am after a LARGE cuppa?

I have recently watched a very short, but mighty inspiring TED talk on the idea of a 30 day challenge. The premise of this is to take on a challenge and stick with it for 30 days, may it be something to forgo, or something to try out for the first time.   Now I have been racking my brain to find a good 30 day challenge for the big man and I to do together in a lame attempt to create some closeness, intimacy, even a little bonding, something we are in desperate need of these days.  But in the end, I wanted to just see if I could test myself first, baby steps. 

So, for thirty days, starting yesterday, I will drink a tall mug of green tea as my first beverage of the day.  Not a total elimination of coffee altogether, just removing it as the first thing I drink in the morning.  So far, I feel pretty good, in fact I haven't had any coffee over the last couple of days.  By no means have I stopped getting angry, but it is less seething and deep breathing, and more........dislike of certain actions.

This could be the beginning of some serious life altering 30 day challenges, may the lack of coffee offer me the inspiration and motivation that had started to slowly trickle through my expanded fingers a scant 5 years ago.................

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  1. Paul and I have been yelling at River alot recently. we are doing a no yelling challenge. we have a yell jar where when we yell we have to write the time and reason for the yell on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. Way more effective than a quarter cause the other one can see it.
    Bonne chance to us all!