Sunday, August 26, 2012

Green Tea Scam

So, as you know, I have been taking a partial hiatus from my morning coffee over the last couple of weeks.  I have been very vigilant about my green tea in the morning time, and if I have been really good (woken up way to early in the morning) I may indulge in a coffee later in the day.  Not everyday, but some days are just screaming out coffee to me....screaming being the operative word.

Well, aside from the total lack of excitement and eagerness about waking up and smelling the fresh hot mug of steaming............tea, I have noticed that, in the end, the mornings are still looking pretty similar to my caffeinated mornings.  Getting dressed battles, eating breakfast, brushing teeth, leaving the house, getting into the car, walking the dogs, sibling rivalry...battles, battles, battles.................still there.  My reaction, though fairly similar, may be a bit less intense, even a tad more understanding?

Okay okay, I admit, there is more talking it out and less scream fest, patience draining, heart pounding, control loosing, pure banging your head against wall madness.  Green tea is helping.  I really hate to admit it, I love coffee in the morning, it is really the only thing that make get out of bed.  Well that and two extremely persistant boys

So to test an additional theory, I forced Colin to get upwith the boys the other morning and spent that quality time reading in bed.  With the door closed.  Luxuriating to the sounds of, Quiet. Nice. Playtime.  What the fuck?

Turns out, no green tea on earth is going to make these mama's boys any less needy of my attention. Regardless of the amount of time they actually get to spend with me (24/7).  This is not something that is an issue for the big man.  He does not suffer from four little hands pulling at clothing, vying for attention, pushing and pulling at the other one to get more room on the lap.  They play so DIFFERENT when he is the parental sole figure.

This can only mean one thing,

He must now be the morning person from here on in.  Now to tell him this.......

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