Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Separation Guilt

I know I know that this it is more common than not to have a two working parent family where the children spend all day, five days a week, in daycare.  I am not sure if there is any guilt involved in this scenario, but as a (semi) experienced mother, my understanding is that being enveloped by constant guilt is just par for the course, so I can only assume that there is, of course guilt here as well.

Our situation, at the moment, is a bit different.  Our kids have so far avoided days spent in daycare.  And yet, YET, I have constant separation guilt.  I had plans of going to a spa with the man, as well as to a gig at the local bar, and a playgroup with only one of the boys....all in the  span of just over one week.  But now, I got called into work last minute, so will have a whole extra day away today.  That adds up to three and a half ish days away in 2 weeks.

Instead of jumping for joy at having some time away, 'enjoy it while you have it' they shout, I am feeling a bit uncertain. Now I am actually reconsidering one of my days/nights out to make up for my work day.  That is right, I include my work day as a day away, a day of escape, a day of health food bliss..........I love this job, by the by!!  So of course it counts right?!

Is this ridiculous case of separation guilt a direct result of the time I am constantly around the kiddies?  If I had had a career to go back to, or a grandparent/ready made babysitter would I feel the same dripping oozing 'my kids will never survive without me' sensation?  I know I am not alone in this....a stay at home mom's dilemma perhaps?

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