Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to Rock your 4th Birthday

If you have ever thought to yourself  'how would I rock my birthday if I was a wee lad of 4?'  well, I have some tips straight from the source for ya.

First you need to wake up way too early in the morning to the sounds of your little brother making screamy whiny sounds for no good reason.  You will then need to stay put in your bed until your mom finally arrives with a stack of sneaky multigrain (healthy) pancakes with mounds of maple syrup, and a bottomless glass of apple juice, all placed lovingly on a special tray, sat with a wrapped present from grandma.

Next you eat more pancakes then you ever have before, drink more apple juice then your body can possibly handle and delightedly place super cool stickers on your super cool buzz buzz toothbrush, personalizing grandma's gift yo!

The next logical step would be an out right refusal to leave the bed.  Then, grudgingly leave the bed, but absolutely refuse to get out of your jammies.  A declared Pajama Rama Day!

Next, take a leisurely stroll, seated comfortably in a stroller like a king, demanding stuff from your servant (mother).

After purchasing some dinner goods from the store, go home and sit in from of the computer and watch Backyardigans .........for the rest of the day, while eating popcorn on the couch, in your pajamas, and drinking (spilling) a tall glass of milk.  Only pausing your show in order to pee, poop and check out your awesome, rad, big boy two wheeler bike that your super awesome, rad parents got for you for your birthday.  Ride it for a second in the porch, go directly back to the computer and back to the beloved Backyardigans.  Backyardigan-athon commences.

After an astonishing 4 straight hours glued to the computer, finally drag yourself outside in order to enjoy the last remaining rays of sun before dinner.

Top this rock awesome day off with a meal consisting of eggs benedict and steamed broccoli with hollandaise.  The only possible way to end this day would be more stories then you are ever allowed to have, milk and water before bed, and drifting off to dream land cuddled up with birthday EVER!

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