Monday, August 29, 2011


I have finally, after much humming and hawing, decided to sign Ro-Dog up for preschool.  This is a Cooperative preschool, so in signing him up for it, I have also signed myself up for some extra work, but also an opportunity to get more involved in the community.

But. most importantly, Ro Ro gets and chance to meet new kids and learn how to be around other adults aside from myself and his pops.  It is amazing that he has reached the tender age of 3 and has yet to spend any quantity time without either of his parents around.

Lucky guy!

This is not a common occurrence in this day and age, the days of double incomes.  This of course is not due to a lack of double income in our house hold so much as my lack of skills to acquire a real 9-5 job like other more grown up adults. Oh nights and weekends, how I will miss your freedom once again!  That is when I finally find myself an effing job.

Anywho, about the preschool.  It is two days a week for 2 and a half hour stints,  This doesn't feel like much (enough)  but it may be the perfect amount for the first attempt at severing the umbilical cord, an actual act of real separation from me.  The fact that it is so small of a time may help me with the possibility of a separation anxiety that may or may not arise.  It would be harder for longer, for both of us.


Maybe not. 

I am not nearly as educational, nor fun, as I had once thought I would be as a parent, so this will be a nice change for him.  Maybe he will even do some crafts for me but not with me............ooooooh my first Christmas decoration, oh god, this is going to be great!

Aside from the nice little break in the day, we also get to go back to school shopping for the very first time!!  If I was a scrap booker, I would so be scrap booking the shit out of this! 

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