Thursday, September 1, 2011

Garage No Sale

It was a cold, windy grey Autumn day.  We had invited a few of Colin's work mates to join us in what we expected to be, at least a little bit, of a prosperous day.  We were prepared, we were panicked at getting ready in time for the arrival of the masses that we were anticipating.

I had made so very very many muffins.  Pumpkin muffin, banana chocolate chip muffins, tiny muffins, big muffins.  Lots of them.  I planned to get Rohan to sell them along with the yummy hot coffee I had percolating outside.  It was going to be pretty cute, I pictured it vividly. How could you resist purchasing some homemade muffins from a 3 year old??  Impossible!

This garage sale was on a bit of a whim, I was suspect of the amount of goods that we had to sell, it seemed like a very small pile to me, but Colin was convinced, and he had some friends to make up for what we lacked. It wasn't the best looking garage sale in town, but it wasn't that bad!  Or so we thought.........

The excitement began when we had our first customer right when we were setting up.  A couple who lived in our twin house just down the road.  They made a major purchase of some kids books amounting to $2. 

And there we sat, and sat and sat.  We drank coffee and ate muffins.

And repeat.

We had a little barbeque, froze our butts off, and nobody came.

As we started to exchange our goods with each other (I managed to score some very nice clothings for myself) in arrived another customer.  After purchasing a major toy and housecoat for a total of $5.25, our garage sale was done.

Successful?  As a social outing it worked out okay, as a money maker or an introduction to our neighbours?  BIG FAIL!  Oh well, I guess our junk with remain our junk for just a little bit longer!

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  1. i remember our first yard sale as well we had many items sprawled amongst the lawn even free kittens, however at the end of the day we were trying to GIVE away the items in hopes there would be less to take back in. The kittens did go to some good homes tho!