Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sally Homemaker to the Max Yo!

I have weaned myself off of all those mom blogs over the last year.  I felt so incompetent and lazy as a mom, as a homemaker and as a person.  The lists of amazing things that were accomplished in a day all the while being a super awesome, perfect, profound yet edgy just became too much for me.

That is why this here blog post is going to sound as if I am catering to yet another of my many hypocrisies in life.  Oh well, what eve's right?  I will stand on the top of a mountain and shout out at the top of my lungs 'I rocked the Sally Homemaker today'!  And I did, and I am so proud of my fine self!

What did you do today, you may ask your fine self, well.......oh, what didn't I do, I say.

I rocked out 10 dozen cookies for Rohans pre-school, making that a total of about 18 dozen cookies baked over the last couple of weeks.  Whew, a lot of freaking cookies let me tell you.  These cookies are so filled with nothing good for you that they may very well be the best cookies I have made to date.  I have a tendency to try to healthify my baking by using whole wheat flour and cutting in half, if not totally omitting, the sugar.  They always turn out tasting...........healthy.  These babies, however, are all white flour and tons of sugar.   Yummm 

While in the process of baking these mass quantities of cookies, I was preparing our dinner, which was our third night of a variation of a gigantic pot of chili that I made.  Third night folks.  Not only the third night that every one had to suck back chili in one form or another, but the third night in a row that everyone was super happy with their meal and ate it ALL.  Chili.  Crazy.  I kind of wish I actually liked chili more!

And so there I am, baking like a champion and saving money on groceries by reusing yet another meal, holding onto or entertaining Avery all the while. I was taking little breaks here and there, doing a load of dirty diapers, cleaning up a little accident that Ro-Dog had, feeding the A-Rock some mama milk.

After cleaning up the dishes, and giving them each a bath (Ro-Dog refuses to share the tub with his brother), A-rock gets some more mama milk and a story and beddy bed times.  Ro Ro fell asleep on the couch watching hockey.  A good day.  A very good day in fact.

Somehow I had sunshine up my arse all day long today.  I was singing and dancing and just so dang happy for no particular reason.  My conclusion?  You get a lot more shit done when you do it with a smile.  Right?  Right?


  1. Maybe the delicious sugar-filled cookies acted as an incentive to kick-ass all day?

    I like those days though! They are so few and far between now that when they do happen, they are so totally worth celebrating! So brag away! Real moms know these days are not the norm ;)

  2. It is so true, and the most satisfying part is that it was all done with a positive attitude. I didn't feel harried and under appreciated for my hard work. It was an accomplished 'all in a day's work' kind of moment! Woot woot go moms!