Friday, December 9, 2011

Blogging AWOL

I don't know what happened, it was a downward slop of neglect.  This regretful absence from the blogging world.  I was doing pretty awesome, then, well, I got lazy.  I am a bit of a half projecter by nature.  I start projects like a champion, then shortly before I complete said project, I get bored and move on the next one.  I will try not to do that with this, how on earth am I going to remember any information about the kiddies childhood in the future if not here, written for all the world to see? 

I have been a bit busy these days (as if that is a good enough excuse), what with Christmas coming and my attempts to make it as cost efficient and earth/local friendly as I can.  So far it has been pretty successful, I am knitting Rohan a sweater (pretty big project, I have to basically beat the crap out of all of my procrastinating urges!!!) and Avery a soaker diaper (fingers crossed that I will be able to even get that guy started by Christmas) and a few other projects on the go.  I am feeling pretty good about it.

Also, the kids have been busy........ getting big!  Avery has been on the brink of walking for weeks now.  He is now gabbing away as if he is have a real conversation with you, so unbelievably adorable  This little lad is signing like a champion as well.  He says more, milk, cereal, all done, light...maybe more, I can't think right now.  He is also pushing out his eighth tooth, gracefully of course.

Rohan is getting so adult like these days.  He is helping Avery with his signing, which is probably the cutest thing on planted earth.  I have been told that he is becoming quite the star pupil in his preschool, exceptional cleaning and listening skills they say.  He was very good sitting on Santa's knee this year, and even asked him for a baseball bat and a glove for Christmas (which he has been repeating constantly, who knows where he got it from).

Yeah, so this was a bit of  warming up to getting back into swing of things.  A quick update.  A little up to speeder.  I am distracted by Hockey and my insatiable desire to just go to bed................hmmm yes, that could be another main reason why I have been slacking, my embarrassingly early bed times (you would do it to if you were up between 4:30 and 5:30am every morning).  You know you are lame is you are yawning and stretching at 8:30 at night. 

I was cool once, really.............

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