Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Sweater so far

My first attempt at cable knit

All of the pieces unattached

  Here are some pictures of the sweater I have been working on for Rohan for Christmas.  This bad boy has taken me AGES to knit.  Thankfully I have been taking a sweater knitting class so there was a lot more instruction and a lot less winging it like most of my projects that fail miserably!

It has worked out amazingly thus far, and though I am sure there will be a little less excitement come Christmas morning when Rohan finds out that the super special surprise that I have been working on all these months is just a boring old sweater, I am very very proud of my stick-with-it-dness that I have had with this project.

Now to try to get the diaper soaker  accomplished for Avery before Christmas........

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