Monday, June 25, 2012

Ro Quo #1

I would like to introduce to you the part of my blog that offers amazingly hilarious/outlandish/outrageous Quotes and conversation from my extremely witty 4 year old.  The Rohan Quotes, or as I will now be calling it The 'Ro Quo'.

Rohan:  Hey mama, have you ever heard of a Flappasaurus?  It has toes on its nose.  Some people think that the Flappasaurus has flaps on his nose, but it actually has toes.  The Flappasausrus has to smell feet all day!

When I later told Colin of this story he was very adamant that this dinosaur really existed and did in fact have toes on its nose...........I am going to need to look that shit up!

So there really is a flappasaurus...........kind of, in cyber world.  It is also a human condition of uncontrollable arm flapping.  Hmmmm I may be breeding a genius......

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