Friday, June 29, 2012

Ro Quo's #2

While embarking on a few minutes of shutting my eyes in an attempt at non-parenting, I received a few doozies from the RoDog!

After tickling me under the arm pits with the intent of waking me up I hear Ro exclaim your arm pits are like cactus's ( I will inform him of the pluralization of cactus later, sometime after I shave the cacti).

Still trying his damnedest to get me to stop 'resting my eyes'  he kicks me in the stomach (gently I swear). With an amusement stemmed from years of arm flexing and spinach eating he informed me you don't have stomach muscles at all.  I kept him updated about the toil a couple of babies can take on a mothers body.

After attempting in vain to get him to nap with me I am told that he only naps with daddy.  Now getting angry at my trying to convince him to lay with me he yells you will not have a party in your dreams tonight!  Oh the threats.............

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