Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lavender the Cure

So I have not been getting much sleep lately.  Both the boys have been taking over my bed and waking me up periodically through the night requesting water, boob or a change of clothes due to wetting the bed.  This has made me and them pretty cranky kittens in the morning.  The big guy, in a separate room, gets a full night sleep every night.  Lucky bastard.

So, after several torturous weeks of broken sleep I finally came up with a wild and fantastic way to get the wee ones into and staying in, blissful dream land.  Lavender.  Lavender oil in fact.  So I went from room to room dropping lavender oil on all of their pillows, saying a silent prayer to the sleep gods as I went.

Was it a successful endeavor?  Nope.  But I sure felt like a fairy princess prancing around the bedrooms with my vile of lavender oil strategically tilted hovering over each boys pillow!  The upstairs smells lovely.  The boys are still waking up.  If it wasn't such a horrible idea to mix babies and rocks, I would be placing a small piece of amethyst in each of their pillows, with another prayer to the sleep gods of course!

For now, however, it will be an ongoing morning ritual of LARGE coffees and blood shot eyes!

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