Monday, April 16, 2012

Whew, mission complete

So the first night of baby torture, or 'sleep training', or 'remembering', was pretty awful.  A lot of screaming and crying and not knowing what the eff was going on and where in the world was mom.  It was painful.  It lasted and hour.  I thought it might never end.

Second night, same sound coming from le bebe, screams of uncertainty, of change, of wanting a warm body to comfortably  lay up against in order to drift happily and content off to sleep.  This night the tears stopped after half and hour.

The third night, I braced myself for some more anger, tears, screaming, chest clenching, breath restricting, shoulders tensing.................nothing.  When I eventually checked on him, he still had the blanket on him.  He didn't even stand up to for quick shout of rage before he drifted into dream land.  The three day lucky is actually true (well for me anyway).

I don't regret the delay in sleep training.  I really really enjoyed laying down with the wee one, watching as his little eyelids grew heavier and heavier, listening to his soft breath slowly getting louder and louder with the sound of baby snoring.  For the most part, I loved sleeping with my baby.  But sleeping was something I just wasn't getting a whole lot of during that time.  He sleeps through the night now.  Just like that.  Bam.  Three days.  Now I need to stop waking up to every little mumble he makes in his sleep.  He needs to move out of my room.

Now to find the time to completely rearrange the entire upstairs sleeping situation.............maybe next month!

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