Friday, September 16, 2011

Pre School? Stair climbing?? The advancement continues...

And so, my little ones are growing up.  The littlest went from Dolphin belly flop crawl to climbing stairs in one month flat.  Babam, just like that.  My bigger guy? He had his first day of Preschool this week.  It went amazingly!

I had been pumping him up for school for a good week, reminding him of the fun he had during his orientation day playing with sand etc etc.  He seemed pretty excited about it, though I was nervous that he would have a hard time letting me go. I mean this physically of course.  I was having mental images of peeling his arms from around my neck and bolting out the door (well, maybe a bit more graceful than that.......maybe).

But it was opposite town.

It took no struggle at all to get him out of the car, into the building, shoes off, indoor shoes on, pee pee, wash hands, walk into class room.  Nothing.  Not so much as a 'I don't want to' stumbled from his amazing, big boy lips.

We walked into the classroom and almost immediately he took his teacher's hand as she led him to the sticker area.  I walked over to him, shock and a little fear being secretly suppressed wayyyyy down, as I helped him get a couple of stickers out.  Then I told him that I had to go check on Avery (asleep in the car) and that I would be back in one hour and twenty minutes (yes, my 3 year old totally grasps the concept of time, doesn't yours?).  He said okay.  He gave me a kiss.  He said goodbye.  I left.  Done.  I heard no echo of screaming or pounding feet chasing after me.  I Practically burned rubber squealing out of there.

I wanted to call, I was worried that he was losing the plot, and that they were unable to console him.  I felt guilty.  I felt lighter.  Elated.  I read and drank coffee and chatted with friends at the coffee shop while Avery slept.  It was dreamy.

I got back.  He didn't even run up to me when I walked in the room.  He just sat and quietly ate his snack.  He ate his snack.  No fighting with him to eat.  Dreamy.

Apparently he did not even once ask after me once I left.  I guess we were both pretty ready for this moment of separation.  It was time.  We were just fighting all the time.  He needed to play with kids his own age, enjoy some much needed structure, much needed fun times.

Ahhhhhh  what an effin' relief!  I don't know what I was so afraid of.....................

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