Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thank God for Netflix

My growing dependence on cartoons has reached epic proportions.  I remember not that long ago (pre #2) that I was smugly mentioning the lack of TV in our household, that absolute minuet amount of brain numbing, lights flashing, stupid box that Rohan had seen EVER.

Now?  With my growing anxiety over loud noises, concern for the wee one getting a kick to the head because the bigger one is bored or there is a toy theft in progress etc. etc. etc.  I have started to use it more often, and  not just for those desperate times, but for other, more mundane things.

Oh shit, I need to make dinner, throw on an episode or two of  Little Bear and it is no fuss no muss. 

Oh dear, my clothes need to go out on the line....Oh Little Bear where are you???

I would like five minutes to myself and the wee one is napping.......Netflix it is. 

What is wrong with me?  I spend a lot of time justifying it because there are no commercials, no more Tree House.  But it is still extreme amounts of stimulation without an active body.  Ro-Dog turns into a crazy person after watching a few episodes on the ole computer, he gets riled up.  And then I regret it.  And then I threaten to take it away. 

And then I forget about the crazy part because I am so very very desperate to get something, anything done around the house. 

I need some time off, mama vacation..............

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