Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I love you as big as......

Rohan and I play this super amazing game these days.  It usually starts off with Rohan gazing at me with his big. beautiful, brown, and adoring eyes and states with sincerity in his voice 'Mama, I love you'.  I, with equal amounts of adoration,  glance my eyes back to him claiming that I too, love him.  And this is when the game starts to elevate, bouncing back and forth with amazing levels of competitiveness.  Rohan, looking ever so mischievous and proud will counter my love with 'I love you as big as planet earth', I, with, 'I love you as big as planet earth and the moon'.

Then it starts going hard core into the earth, plus the moon, plus the whole universe times 3, then 10, then times 1000.  Rohan's eyes gleaming, his head bobbing up and down in an affirmative with my every exclamation of surprise at the shear size of love he has come  up with.  This game may very well be one of my favourites for some pretty obvious reasons. I mean what mother in her right mind would not cherish a game that offers a competition of how much their son loves them compared to how much they love their son (or daughter, in other parents cases)?

There is some background on the greatest game on earth (plus Saturn, the milky way, and the black hole all mixed together times 1000).  This games began innocently enough yesterday, as Rohan and I sat with our steamy cups of hot chocolate, after a fun morning sledding outdoors.  It started as it usually starts, he, with his exclamation of love towards his dearest mother, me with my counter of love.  And then out of the blue he states 'Mama, I don't love you as big as a hot chocolate'.

Well, I guess I now know the limit of love he has for me!!

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