Thursday, January 19, 2012

The True Meaning of Love

I discovered the true meaning of love yesterday, it was a beautiful thing,

Here's a little background.  Avery, the wee one, has had an ongoing cough, for what feels like the entirety of our winter season.  Rohan, the big brother, has had a pretty rough weekend of fevers, coughing, overall lethargy and both with ever flowing faucet style snot coming out of their noses.  The time was nigh to finally see a doctor, after what feels like MONTHS of catering to my poor wee sick boys.  A tough job in itself.  The drive out there was dicey to say the least, wet snow falling, roads slushy and slippery. children sleepy, grumpy and sick.

I got the required medication for the big brother and stocked up on the supplies the doctor recommended I get for the wee one, and homeward through the slushy mess of road I went.

So through this, you may be thinking that the sometimes trying task of nursing two children back to health, having been squished between the two of them in bed at night for over a week straight, blatantly suffering sleepless nights of squishiness and concern might be the moment of truth in love.  It is not however.  That is just par for the course.  That is my job as mommy dearest.  Although in the end it really is an expression of true love, there are very few mothers or fathers for that matter, out there that would even think twice about it, it being a natural parental instinct.

The moment I speak of, the moment of a pure expression of love, devotion and 'would do anything for my child' ness had to do with the paraphernalia that I had purchased for the wee one, the stuff that came 'highly recommended' by herr Docteur.  It was a simple process, simple in theory anyway.  The purpose of this stuff was to drain the ever flowing burden of snot from our wee baby's sinuses.

It goes a little bit like this.  Lay small and very co-operative child into a supine position, head facing to the right. Uncap travel sized bottle of saline solution, dropping 2 drops into childs nostril hole (there was no specification as to which one).  Move the ever so co-operative childs head to the left, drop 2 drops into (I am assuming) the other nostril hole.  I am not sure if I was supposed to drain them first, but what with our wee one laying oh so still and content with liquid salt mixture flowing down his nose tube, I thought I would just plow on to the next step.

Next, place 'safety' filter into the the 'nasal aspirator'.  Lock nasal aspirator onto the aspiration tube (I recommend having this all done before you lay your child down as there is a good chance they will try for the great escape while you are fumbling with all these rubber bits and bobs).

Okay, everything is together, child is being so lethargic and still.  Place the rubber tip of nasal aspirator into the entrance of infant childs nose opening, place the end of the tube, which is attached to nasal aspirator, into your mouth.  (and here is where the true love moment starts to really come into effect) suck snot out of childs nose, with your mouth, all the while praying that the 'safety' filter does not fail and you get a throat full of boogy oogeys.  Literally, you are siphoning the green monsters from your extremely greatful bebes cavities.

That, my friends, is true true love!

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