Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kicking my ass with cuteness part one

Rohan has been totally rocking my world with his many levels of cuteness these days.  One of the activities that he loves to do at home is jump on my bed.  To see the concentration mingled with a dash of joy and a pinch of mischief while trying to attain the ultimate height in his jumping is absolutely priceless.

I just want to insert here for you worry wort moms reading this here blog, my bed is a king sized mattress on the floor, safer than a trampoline in the back yard, that is for sure!

He has reached a very special age (or his little brother has) where he really really wants to play with his baby brother.  While jumping on the bed he will demand that I help Avery in joining in the leaping fun.  When I walk around with the wee one on my hip, Rohan has replaced his need to be held as well with requests for me to put him down because he wants to play with his 'brover'.  And he does.  He actually plays with the little guy.  He chases him around the house! Rohan, with one of his 'walking machines' Avery holding tight to the other one. Both boys screaming in hysterical laughter as they race around the house, crashing at every turn.

He has also taken to telling us how much he loves us, all the time.  Especially when he gets some sort of treat, then he loves EVERYONE!  'I love you and daddy and Avery very much. I love everbody, yup, I really do'.  He is an amazingly affectionate little guy, offering hugs and kisses constantly.

Hockey night has become a favourite in our house, Colin gets to watch hockey, Rohan gets to stay up late and I get to cuddle with Rohan until he (or we) fall asleep on the couch....

Rohans absolute favourite PJ's, with feet!
When we aren't napping on the couch, Rohan enjoys pulling his little brother in the sled...

Or laying around reading his most favourite books....
Anyone want to guess which book this is? 
Reading with his eyes closed (or sleeping!)
We sit, we talk about the world and everything else.  My heart swoons for this smart little man, love oozing from every one of my ever enlarging pores!  This is some of many ways that Rohan is rocking my world in cuteness.............

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