Sunday, September 19, 2010

Confessions of a Water Wally

I had a bath today. We have a huge bathtub that has jets. We have never used them. I came into the bathroom shortly after Colin came home from helping a friend move some chopped wood to his house. I closed the door, opened the window facing our neighbours house which is very much blocked by trees and other such foliage. I cranked on both taps and dropped about 5 or so drops of Lavender into the tub.

I hopped in while it was filling up to make sure the temperature was to my liking. Gradually the tub filled with warm, soothing, beautiful, wasteful water. I layed back an luxuriated like a princess. I poured more hot water in, than a little bit more. In the end, any limbs that were left outside of the tub were emitting steam, the facecloth was steaming, the tub of water itself was offering a nice foggy shadow of steam that lingered around my head.

This was probably too hot for a pregnant girl, but how can you enjoy such a luxury when it is only luke warm? If it isn't hot, why bother? I read my book and felt the constant wiggle of baby within. Eventually Rohan got curious and came upstairs to join me in the tub. Ahhhhh I love a bath with my little man!

So you may be thinking to yourself, as I would as well if I were reading this "you go girl, you are pregnant and achy and deserve a nice warm bath and some time to yourself". It is true, and in all honesty, I do believe that I deserve a nice hot bath occasionally. The problem, however, is that I also had a very similar bath yesterday. And possibly shortly before that, I may have also indulged.

That is a lot of water to waste on a very clean body. There were times, back in the day, that people only had one cleansing bath a week, or less even. There are people that cannot find enough clean water to drink, let alone soak in for an hour (or more, man I really extended the last one!). I have water guilt and have serious issues justifying the usage of such unnecessary water. But I love it so much.

In fact, this love I have now re-acquired for my baths has become all consuming. During the day, when I sometimes catch myself in a different world, thoughts drifting to the sky, they are not thinking with anticipation about our soon to born child, or our already born child or even my hard working man. Nope I drift into bath dreams. I think about how easily it takes the chill off. I think about it so much sometimes, that I can not seem to get warm, or I curse the warm weather for making it impossible for me to comfortable in a hot bath.

It this an indulgence to prepare my body for some serious labour time bath soakage ( the bedrooms, and I mean that quite literally, in the birthing centre has a massive tub in the middle of them, oh how this one will be different!) or is it just my preparation for the changing of the seasons? The autumn time prep? Either way, we have a well, which make not make it totally acceptable for me to be wasting water like a wally, but I will keep that one as a temporary excuse until I can come up with a better one!!

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