Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Duck duck duck

Colin and I have trucker mouths. We have come to terms with it, I am sure we are both very much aware that it is not charming to hear the effing and jeffing coming out of mouths. We don't necessarily even reserve this language for such harsh moments that they may be required to emphasize a statement or even for those moments of stubbed toes or cut fingers.

These words slip out of our mouths like the split tongue of a slippery snake, (I would like to insert here that I was tempted to do these guys ;%^& instead of the actual curse word, but than I remembered that this is my fucking blog and I can do what I want..............haha) 'uggg we have to fix the fucking toilet', milk spills 'oh fuck', obvious statement being made in conversation 'no shit'. It just comes out. We don't even notice. Well we don't notice on ourselves, we do however notice on each other all the time. It is a hard habit to break when you have been marinating in trucker mouth ville for years without consequence. But now, we are becoming more aware of the potential consequences.

Rohan is now mimicking our words. He is almost always rewarded with high fives, props and kisses for each word he discovers and repeats. I am just happy and delighted by the effort he is making, Colin is much more interested in making sure that he is able to pronounce each word properly, the best of both worlds I would say!

So onward he goes with all the praise and encouragement behind him he enters into the wonderful world of the English language, sounding it out, putting two to three words together, pride shining on his beautiful little face. All this while Colin and I caution each other and ourselves about our uncouth language.

And then it finally happened and it was the worst of the worst. I think it was me, Rohan grabbed the remote control and pressed a button and I had a suspicion that he may have ordered us some porn on the TV. Okay maybe not so bad, but I am thinking, though it is all a blur, that I may have said (hopefully under my breath, though not under enough) 'fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck'. Obviously I was using my words to the max at that point! And guess what I heard in the most innocent and beautiful and childlike voice? A very well pronounced (papa would be so proud) mimicking of mama's cursing. As I hid my laughing mouth behind my hands I had to come up with what method we should go about handling this situation.

I cannot tell you how hard it was not to laugh out load and turn this into a word he uses to make mama laugh. Bad handling method for sure. So I decided to confuse the poor wee lad by saying 'duck duck duck, what does a duck say'. And that was it. He thought (I hope) that I was saying duck and we went on with our day. First slip up on mama's part averted.........for now!

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