Saturday, October 23, 2010


So there I am at the ole GT Boutique (judge me if you must, I have no excuses for my hypocritical ways) getting some veg shortening, fruit and nut mix a big carton of coffee cream and winter gloves for the man. I am quietly standing in the line up, belly protruding uncomfortable far from my spine, constant Braxton Hicks (trickster contractions) turning my already firm abdomen into a rock hard mass of flesh, waiting my turn.

The line is a bit wonky, off to the side instead of straight down, but whatever, I sidle up anyway. A middle aged gentleman holding a bag of chips climbs up to the line in front of me, making a fork in the road. I think to myself 'he only has a bag of chips, I will let him go ahead of me' but it turns out, he did anyway. There is another lady that is just ahead of me, she veers off from the line on the search of another potentially open cash, none to be seen (though, really there is like, three options, I am sure she would have been able to check it out by standing on tip toe!). She than goes around behind me, down the aisle beside me, than Swoop right in front of me.

This is getting more regretful and sad, and as I didn't have Rohan screaming on my large protruding belly, amusing. So far, standing in line, very very pregnant, juggling several articles in my hands, I have had 2 people bud in front of me in line. Crazy.

Than a new cash opens up and I nearly get pushed over for the rush to get to it (total exaggeration of course). I have a total of 3 people bud in front of me while standing in line. Is it me or is this very very wrong? No more niceties for the preggers, fend for yourself 'little' girl, this is the GT Boutique and we got's some serious consuming to take care of! Sheesh.

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