Sunday, October 3, 2010

Down Town Bribery Town

We had a photo session today at a professional photography studio.
We had done the same thing while I was pregnant with Rohan, so to avoid immediate concerns of sibling favourtism, I decided that we should offer similar pictures for bambino numbero 2. It wasn't a very difficult decision to make, even though the pictures that we had taken before turned out to be horrible. Colin and I take pretty okay pictures.....................alone. Together we look ridiculous. At least one of us always has some sort of very unfortunate expression on our face. And it didn't help that I had the appearance of the stay puff marshmallow man by the time we had them taken!

I also wanted to have some really cute images of Rohan being all lovey toward the baby. See baby number two, your brother loved you before you were even out of the womb. Aww look at those two inseparable siblings, it started before sibling number two took it's first breath of air! I had looked through the pictures in the portfolio and the ones that incorporate the first born's are so unbelievably adorable. I had some pretty darn fantastic pictures in my head as well.

Well, as to be anticipated after so much expectation, the pictures didn't go as well as I had expected. We started off with family photos on the floor. Rohan looked positively pissed off. He just sat there with an ever widening frown upon his angry little cheeks. To be fair, it was pretty bright behind all the lighting, it was pretty impersonal and of course he could most likely feel our uncomfortable tension. We let him go play while Colin and I did our ever so classic maternity poses together.

Then we tried to coax Rohan back to take some more pictures. He was having none of it. And so ensued the bribery. Cue candy here. This was initially offered by the photographer, and out of desperation for our perfect family photo's, we went with it. The main problem with this of course was that Rohan doesn't even know the word candy, so it did not even faze him as far as his stubbornness went. I offered and bribed a few more things that he would know and potentially want, to no avail. He just got progressively angrier and determine.

This was all fine, I was hoping to have more photo's with Rohan in them, but that may come with the next set of pictures which will include our new addition. What the real concern for me is the allowance and then the continuation of the use of bribery. I didn't think that this was going to be a method of parenting that was going to take part in. Do I want to coax my wee man into doing what I want him to by offering him sweet rewards? Is that not a similar downward slide to giving him a sweet when he hurts himself. Food that is bad for you is your reward and the one thing that may make you feel better about scraping your knee. Nope, don't like it.

I will attempt to avoid these food offerings as much as I can, that is until our next photo session!! Crap!

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