Saturday, October 9, 2010

burny, ouch

We had a very painful lesson learned the other day, me and Rohan. I will give it equal blame. I blame myself for creating an area of unsafety in my kitchen, and Rohan for not using his, not developing as I feel they should be, listening skills.

I was preheating our sandwich press thingy to make some super delicious cheese, tomato and tofalony sammies for lunch. I must admit here that the press was unnecessarily close to the edge of the counter, I will offer myself a shake of the head and a loudish 'idiot' for that not thought through move. Rohan was jumping around me excitedly. Nice combination right?

So I leaned down and to look him in the eye and said 'Rohan, I want you to be aware that this is very very hot *Pointing emphatically to the sandwich press* please be careful'. Well, my dear little man decided to take this opportunity to express his 'terrible two's' proof of independence with a nice big dash of rebelling against his mama. Up goes his hand with a look of pure defiance plastered on his face.................and smack right onto the preheated for a good 10 minutes, sandwich press.

Now would be a good time to show off the trucker mouth. Fuck. Ouch city. So he was obviously pretty upset about the whole ordeal, as was I, but not enough maybe? I offered a loving and supportive sympathy for him, but I have to admit, in the back of my head I though to myself 'cause and effect, a very good lesson for today' also, 'always listen to your mother because she knows best. Does make me evil and completely lacking in sensitivity? Hmmm maybe. I don't really know. I feel pretty sensitive most of the time!

It was a pretty bad burn in the end, the picture does not give it justice. He is really good sport about it and now he is pretty unaffected by the blisters in his hand. He was, however, affected by the situation itself. When he wants to discuss this moment of drama he tends to say ' Mama, No', meaning mama said no and I did it anyway. Hmmm I guess it was a lesson learned, he certainly backs away anytime I say something is hot now! Poor little guy!

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