Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home alone

I went to my brother and sister in law's for Thanksgiving dinner tonight. It was a nice small gathering with the two families and Michelle's mom. It was super nice.

I have recently taken up the habit of forgetting holidays. This I find odd considering it should really be the opposite considering this whole parenthood thing that I have taken on. I think it should be ingrained in with all the other maternal instincts that I have acquired, but nope, I forget every time. It is nice to have family around to not only remind me, but to encourage me to celebrate these holiday's as well. I am pretty sure, if it wasn't for them, we would be eating pasta and going to bed early (though that bed early is still in the world of possibilities for me at this point).

I find now, that when I go to social gatherings, or have any social outing at all, that I tend to communicate out of a daze. I feel so out of it and spacey and tired and just incapable of holding a real conversation with anyone. I should really just hole up at home until I get my personality back! However, the benefits of this is that I am blatantly pregnant, and that tends to be the one thing that I talk about. Mostly about the girth, my very very large presence. Even those snippits of conversation get broken up with Rohan trying to get my attention. Blah, I need my brain back!

So anyway, had dinner and now Colin went out with my brother, which I actually think is great because they just don't hang out enough in my books. For some reason, beer always seems to be the one tool in which men are able to bond the best with each other. Oh what I wouldn't give for that bonding vessel to be a chess board or jogging shoes and not a beer bottle, but whatever. And here I am, home alone.

I have been home alone before, though I didn't know it was going to happen at the time, so I pretty much slept through the whole event. It feels................okay. I mean I have a slight tinge of paranoia, but in all honesty, when don't I have a slight tinge of paranoia? I like having the whole bed to myself (well, until Rohan climbs in). It is pretty quiet. I kind of wish I had a good book to settle into the night with. Steal all of Colin's pillows, create myself a little pillow heaven. I like to have one especially to hold the book as well. That is pampering! I will look for one I guess. Hmmm Yes, it is pretty quiet.

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