Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kids say the darndest things

Bath time. Rohan is sat in the nice warm bath that he demanded reach his elbows, when all of the sudden, erupting from the water, is a multitude of loud and suspiciously smelly bubbles. I look at Rohan and question the constitution of said bubbles, his reply?
Farts! And where did that fart come from Rohan? Frog Farted. I would like to state here that there was no toy or anything in the bathroom even resembling anything frog like. Rohan just created a frog out of thin air in order to blame him for his fart. My child is pretty much a genius!

Later that night at the dinner table. We are all finished eating except for Rohan who is eating at the same rapid speed that you may imagine a sloth would eat. He starts discussing how he has scare all spooky ting away. He starts banging on his bowl in effort to scare spooky tings away claiming that he is not scared. He then informed me that daddy no scared spooky tings, mama scared spooky tings and Avery scared spooky tings.

He than let me know that boys no scared spooky tings. I asked him why Avery was scared of spooky things since he was a boy. He insisted that Avery was not a boy because he has a teeny tiny little one (penis) while holding his index finger and thumb less than a millimetre apart from each other. What a guy! I love this kid!

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