Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Untraditional toys

He looks downright dazzled about his toy here don't he?

The man and I are pretty big slack asses when it comes to keeping our children cloaked in fun toys.

Now that Rohan is older and able to express his interest in different activities, we are a bit better at encouraging playtime learn time by providing him with age appropriate toys. On my part, it has mostly been Lego, crafts and puzzles and whatever free stuff people have passed on to me. Colin leans more towards super cool cars and puzzles (in fact he is a puzzle master, a talent he has passed onto his offspring.........but that is for another time).

Generally, however, we have left the toy purchasing to the aunts, uncles and grandparents. So far the little man has won pretty big from his extended family! Even Avery managed to acquire a few fun time toys for Christmas this year, and trust me when I say, it was not from his doting 'rents!

I have a difficult time justifying the purchase of too many infant toys. In the very beginning they can't even see past their nose, but as that expands, they are just so amazed by EVERYTHING that it wouldn't really matter what you are dangling in front of their face. Case in point is the picture above. This is Avery's most favourite 'toy' and once again it was papa that discovered this beaut.

Out very special non-traditional toy for Avery is a pair of taped up ear buds. We dangle these guys above his head and he is literally kicking with pure delight. He loves them, and so do we. They did not cost a cent (well maybe somewhere down the line they may have cost us something, but nothing too terribly exciting) and Avery is absolutely enthralled with them.

The only major downfall of our super cool, new age ear bud baby toy is that it can be back breaking holding them up above Avery's head for so long. Next step..............ear bud mobile? Colin thinks he should attach them to a stick which is in turn attached to a hat, so all he has to do to entertain his child is to wiggle his head! Yup, we are the king and queen of slack ass!

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