Wednesday, February 16, 2011


When Rohan was an infant I would fight with Colin on the soother issue. I found a potential compromise soother that was made of natural rubber. It seemed like the perfect thing to soothe our wee one into sleepy time bliss. He, however, firmly dissagreed with this compromise and displayed such distaste by spitting said soother out, or if we managed to keep it in his mouth, he would gag on the thing.

We had a few regular soothers in the house, but I fought nail and tooth to keep them from Rohan. I don't know what I was fighting against, the healthfulness or the habit?? Who knows, but for whatever reason, I didn't want him using them. He didn't mind the other soothers, but I did, so I would hide them around the house so Colin couldn't find them. Hilarious! In retrospect, it would have probably made my life a little easier, maybe caught some real sleep.............................and yet, I am still in the refusal of soother business!

This time though, our new little infant has discover the pure bliss of thumbsucking. This self soothing amazingness is beautiful to see. He has not fully developed his thumb to mouth motor skills, but he is giving it the ole college try! In fact, when he can arrange it ever so carefully into his mouth, he attempts and often succeeds in getting both thumbs in there for a double dose of self soothing. Heck Yes to self soothing! We will worry about dental bills later....

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