Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Other Parental figure

Left-Rohan talking to guy. Mid-feeding guy dry lentils. Right-big guy and lil' guy

Parenting a toddler can be tough. Their most infamous toddler word is NO. They get frustrated and temperamental. They have regular meltdowns when kept out past their bedtime or nap time or when they are hungry or over stimulated.

Toddlers have absolutely no manners, no sense of discretion, zero will power or ability to respect other peoples things. They spit, pinch, yell, hit, throw crap, kick......etc etc. They create battles where no battles should be created. They make the simple tasks into utter nightmares. The words and sentences that can come out of their mouths could make a good ole trucker cringe.

These toddlers crap in their underwear, on the floor, outside on the lawn, in their beds, on the couch, or anywhere else they can fit their unbelievably adorable little bottoms. They will repeat said actions with pee pee as well, in fact they are often able to urinate in even more and often, unfortunately, discrete places.

These toddlers can really be quite a handful, even when there are two loving parents on duty 24/7. For this reason we instilled a new and much more exciting parental figure into our family unit. His name is guy.

Our toddler will listen, with complete rapture, to whatever guy has to say. He will cut the battles short with just a small wink of the knuckle. Ro-Dog will do pretty much anything that guy asks him to. Dinner time? 'dirty, bad' dinner, is now a breeze with guy feeding him. Bed time 'noooooo bed time' has turned magically into 'guy do it' (as in guy is to read him stories).

This most incredible invention of parental guidance was not my idea (I am just not that fun) but the hubby's. With just the simple flick of the pen, our toddler has become a model child. Okay okay, that is pushing it, but it is an amazing image to watch as he looks directly into the eyes of guy and has full on conversations with him.

Next step in toddlers eyes is for Mama to be continued!

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