Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Too late to jinx

I was considering and then reconsidering the repercussions to posting this here.............post, but it is now too late to jinx it, so.........

Avery slept for over 8 hours straight two nights ago. Like all the way through. Like not waking up at all during that 8 hour period. Nothing. No cries, whimpers, stirring, nothing. Okay, just to make sure that I am clear here, Avery SLEPT FOR 8 HOURS IN A ROW.

This may not be so impressive to some people who have reared these 'magical' babies that 'slept through the night' since they were '6 weeks old'. This is, however, what dreams are made of in my world.

So it went as such, the day was pretty terrible as far as nap times went. Avery slept for a maximum of 40 minutes for each nap, adding up to about 5 or so naps (he is now pretty much down to 3 naps a day) from the time he woke up at............hmm 4 ish? Though he was up so often in the night the night before, that it is hard to believe he (I) got any sleep at all.

I put the little monkey down around 7pm that night and started on Rohan's night time ritual. Not long after stories were read and light was turned out, mama conked out in the Ro-dog's bed with him. Rough night + rough day = conking out with toddler at 7:30 in the pm. I snuck back into my bed around.......11pm and very shortly after that Rohan woke up crying. Colin got him back down, than he woke up again within minutes and the little monkey was brought to mama's sleepy yet loving arms.

The littlest monkey did not stir while Rohan gradually sobbed himself to sleep. Bless/bliss. Many many hours later, at 3am in fact, The littlest monkey finally woke up for a feeding. So, in between the Rohan incident and Avery finally waking up for the first time, mama slept in pure utter unknowing bliss. It turns out that I am not the kind of mom that wakes up periodically to check on infant to make sure he is still sleeping, while getting no sleep for myself. If baby sleeps I sleep, full stop. There was no concern or worry crossing my contended sleepy mind, just a whole lot of sleep mama sleep.

To add to this amazingness, infant did not wake up until he was sick of hearing Rohan, in his loud every day voice, discussing the possibility of mama going downstairs. This folks, was at 6am. I shall repeat for all to see 6 AM! I think that has happened only twice before. This is a major sleep in, plus a full (ish) nights sleep. Good lord I was a bundle of happiness and patience yesterday. So this is what it feels like to be an awesome, well slept, happy mom!

Of course, last night was like any other. I guess it was a one time only thing. Damn. But, at least I got a glimpse of what it could be like in a couple years time right??!!

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