Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What to be when I grow up????

There is nothing like having children to really force you to look deep within yourself. What kind of values and morals provide me with enough conviction to instill them in my children as well. Do I want them to know the realities of life from the get go? Do I want to hide some until they are 'age appropriate'? Should they know where meat comes from, whether there is or is not a Santa Clause, God, Tooth fairy? Do I really have enough facts about these topics to be teaching them?

But, what is dominating my mind over everything else these days is, what am I going to be when I grow up? I feel as if I am doing this all backwards. The career and marriage should already be in the bag. The kiddlets should be the icing on my already established and focused self. The kiddies should be the reprieve from my amazingly busy and demanding career/life. I should be contemplating and discussing with my employer/partner/self when I shall be returning to my optimal job as they beg for me to come back.

I am not there. I am so far from there that I have been taking some career assessment quizzes on line to figure out where there may be. I still don't know. I have this undeniable, burning need to be somebody special. For myself, for finances, for confidence, for a better established sense of self going beyond just 'well traveled mom'. But also for the kiddlets. I want to be someone they can look up to, to be proud of. To say 'my mom does so and so for a living' and watch pride glisten in their eyes. In my eyes. I want to be able to answer that 'what are you, what do you do' question that survey 's always have, I am a doctor/lawyer/astronaut/mom with no positive prospects to become anything else worth mentioning.

I can not believe how many options are out there, how many things I could be. A lot are vetoed. I can't decide to become a doctor this late in life, too much work, too many years, too much necessity for intelligence (I just want to insert here that I had to spell check hey, ummm not a chance missy!). Money, time, transportation..........only one of these things are on my side, and not for long as Colin is on his way back to work soon.

So my lovely you have any ideas for a career that will take a minimum of schooling at a minimum cost in order to do something i love, something that is going to do something helpful to someone(s) out there, and for a maximum rate of pay..............anyone??

What in the world Am I going to be when/if I grow up!


  1. A couple ideas that might help you find what you're looking for:
    Check into what the closest college offers for programs. Then check into what other colleges offer for online programs (ex. Algonquin College). You might see a program that peaks your interest!
    Have you thought of doing day care or teaching kids? Maybe Montessori? There's a distance education Montessori school that you could check out:
    Also, if you decided to do daycare in your home, you wouldn't need to do much for courses (just need to get the proper certification from your province to operate an in-home daycare) although it would be a good idea to get first aid certification.

  2. I am pretty sure I would like to do something outside of being home with the kiddies. My main goals is to go out and figure myself out beyond mamahood.
    I have also been perusing local colleges (such as Algonquin) and am still a bit overwhelmed by my options. So for now I think I will start taking some baby steps toward paying off student loans, saving money and lots and lots of research!!
    Thanks Jennie for the awesome advice, I can always count on you to show that some people are listening to my pleas!!