Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby steps

Avery is slowly turning into more and more of a little person.  He is starting to sit up on his own.  I say starting because he still has the tendency to slide to the side or toward his awaiting toes.  He rolled over for the first time the other day, though in all honesty, I a pretty sure this was not a conscious effort so much as a what are you doing over there mama, maybe I will try to get as close as possible situation.

His motor skills are highly improved from his initial infant flailing.  He can bring stuff to his mouth and he even shakes up his toys in an attempt to entertain himself.  He is also becoming more of an entertainment for Rohan.  Before he was just a lump on the couch that was taking up all of mama's time, but now Rohan can make him laugh and talk his jibberish saliva inducing baby talk.

As Avery get's bigger, stronger and more and more like a baby and not an infant, I get more and more confident venturing out with the two of them in tow.  At first it felt scary, daunting, but now it is way more handle-able.  Just in the nick of time too, as Colin will be heading back to work soon, and as I hear, he will be having incredibly long days for the first little while. I guess I will be dabbling my toes into what it would feel like as a single mom.............scary! 

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