Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coddle Pie

The family has been under the weather lately.  Rohan and I especially.  Poor Ro-dog has had a cold for at least a week now which has consisted of a river filled with tears snot and vomit.  On me.  Doesn't faze me to smell like vomit anymore.  This is an incredibly glamourous job, motherhood.  Have I mentioned that before?

Anyway, I have been wrapping the Ro-dog up in a blanket of cuddles and kisses and I love you's.  Basically coddling the crap out of him.  He has eaten it up unlike the food that is on constant offer.  He is a cuddle monster on a good day, on days like this he is an extra limb, without that handiness aspect.

Today was an extra sad day.  He was waking up periodically from 4:30 am on, in tears and sobs and cuddles.  I couldn't get out of him what was wrong before he passed back out.  With personal experience as to how absolutely like shit I feel when I am sick, I get it.  If I could have someone to cry and cuddle with every time I felt like dog turds, I would do it.  Maybe even just because, totally unrelated to feeling ill.  It is just nice to cuddle and cry sometimes..........I digress.

So that was pretty much our day.  Nap, wake up, cry, repeat.  No input, no output.  He wouldn't drink, eat, or pee, nothing.   He had sick breath.  You know that sour, back of the throat, almost phlegmy smell. White paste forming around his sad little mouth. He literally did not have his first pee until, like, 2pm.  How can you force your toddler to drink??  You just can't.  Poor pumpkin.

I normally have issues with our tendency, as a culture, to over medicate.  It takes some serious symptoms for me to bust out the tempra or Tylenol.  God I hate having to give the kiddies drugs, it makes me queezy.  They love it of course, it freaking taste like banana flavoured deliciousness, how could they not?  I gave him some, his temperature was rising, I needed him to feel better.  It was like he emerged from the body of a different child.  He was bouncy and happy, he ate and drank and peed.  Amazing.

I guess it really does take bit more than the big slice of coddle pie that I gave him to gobble up, to make the poor guy feel better.  If only we could love them better.  If only

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