Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stupid System, Lovely Babies

SO I had been ranting in may head blog style, just waiting for the moment I could rant and rave about the ridiculousness that is the Quebec health care system.  They have a serious shortage of doctors and no access to (as far as I am aware, the rest of the country has these) a walk in clinic.  If you need any sort of medical attention and you don't have a doctor (which is a large portion of the people in this area that is for sure) than you have to go to the overcrowded, understaffed hospital, at which point you could be waiting for HOURS and HOURS.

Wait, I changed my mind about the rant before I started this post, and yet, just thinking about it gets me riled up.  After a lot of lugging my big boy on my hip and my little man in his car seat on my arm, we finally managed to get a doctor to tell us that Rohan has an double ear infection (his ear was literally oozing infection, so really that was no surprise) and Avery has a bronchial infection. I started my day at 7:30am I was finally finished the medical part around 12:30 - 1pm.  Whew.  I am beat. What a ridiculous day.

Plus side?  The medication was mostly covered, we all survived, I didn't pack my crap up and leave this bloody province in my rage, and, at the end of the day I found out that my new baby niece arrived at 6:15pm.  Okay. I will stay.  I love babies.  You win this time Quebec, but watch your back................

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