Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Carrot Frenzy

Avery tried his first, real pureed, on a spoon, food.  It was peas.  Kidding.  It is carrots.  Lord I am funny!  I have given him some fruit cores to suck on just for flavour curiosity, such as apples, pears and also some cantelope.  He has never had any spoon fed food yet, that is until two days ago.  He hasn't quite reached the his required 6 month's but he just wanted our food so much.

The poor little munchkin  would sit at the table with us eyes drawn to our spoon, than mouth, than spoon, drool dripping down his chin.  He was enchanted, he was amazed, he wanted some so bad. I wanted him to experience real food as his introduction, not the completely unappetizing looking powdered rice cereal stuff.  Carrots, yummy, sweet, good for your eyes.  Best first food option I could imagine having!

He tried it and loved it!  He was grabbing at the spoon, shoving in into his gullet.  He would whimper when I pulled the spoon away to scoop up more.  It was AMAZING.  I look forward to future feedings!  Here we go, it's a feeding frenzy.

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