Sunday, April 10, 2011

Food Scapes

Cheese Omelet Giraffe

Home made Mac and Cheese Brontosaurus
Skyscape of yummy yums

I don't know if I had mentioned this before in one of my posts (see total memory loss and partial concern about early onset) but most of my meal times with Rohan can be..........challenging.  With battles, made up games and outright refusals, some meal times can cause premature balding (see pulling hair out from extreme frustration) in the whole family. 

After reading this article on food art for kids, eating got a whole lot more interesting.  Although it can still be mildly challenging, I have definitely started to make meal time a bit more fun times.  I enjoy conjuring up some interesting food scapes and Rohan has a great time trying to figure out what the what I am claiming that said food scape resembles!  It's pretty good, though who knows how long my imagination will keep going before it starts getting lame (er)!


  1. You are far too kind! If I prepare a meal and our kid doesn't want to eat it, well then, she'll be hungry later on. Then she can either heat up the leftovers that she didn't eat... or wait until the next meal! My stepmom does this with her foster kids... if they don't like what's on their plate for lunch, you better believe they clean off their plates at dinner because they're too hungry to complain! :)

  2. Haha, nerves of steel this woman! I always want to just leave it, but I have a paranoia that he is not eating enough...........of course, they will never starve themselves, but still, I am a sucka! Mind you, I have given up the fight, no food scapes in a while!