Saturday, April 2, 2011

I smell Spring

I finally managed to clothe both children, strap the youngest to myself into the most amazing baby Ergo carrier, and get our sorry selves outside.  Not as simple a task as it sounds, trust me. As I step outside, I am enveloped by the smell of worms.  That scent that is often the resulting olfactory bombardment of a good spring rain.  I don't remember it raining, in fact I am almost certain that it did not, in fact rain, because there is still mounds of dirty ugly snow everywhere.  But there it was, that very distinct smell of worms.

This isn't well known as a pleasant odour, but it brought the biggest and brightest of smiles to my face.  This, my friends is the beautiful, amazing essence of spring.  And not a minute too soon.  That is not to say that we will not have a rogue and completely disheartening snowfall sometime before the 'real' spring comes upon us.  But it is near, so near.

It has been a long and cold winter and I am very much looking forward to tossing the winter clothes into big cardboard boxes, cutting my daily outdoor  ritual of dress in half, IN HALF, at least.  Nothing necessary but shoes.....hmmm I need to buy shoes actually, the ones I bought last year were worn through due to excessive weight gain, excessive walking, and excessively badly made shoes!

Ahhh worm smell, I have missed you!

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