Tuesday, July 26, 2011


As if it was actually possible to not include this tiny tid bit of information on my previous post.  I had this niggling feeling in the back of mind that I was missing some important information concerning the possible links to the incredible turn around in A-Rock's sleeping habits. 

That tiny bit if info?

He is doing what can only be described as a dolphin belly flop crawl attempt, which is now successfully propelling him forward at lightning fast (or the opposite of lightning fast) speed.  This crawling manouver is seriously a thing of beauty.

He reaches his arms up and out in front of his head, smacking his hands down on the ground a couple of times to get his bearings.  He then pushes his massively diapered bum up into the air, followed by his thighs than calves in a perfectly executed plank (if y'all know yoga) or step one in the process of a push up.  He then digs his toes into the ground, slowly scooting a few inched forward, with the shear power of his tiny little foot digits.  After he makes it that few centimetres forward he does a sort of belly flop back on the the ground, rolling his leg, than torso back down.  This is repeated until he makes it to his desired location.

Thankfully, this is a very very slow process, for now. Though, come to think of it, it has gotten quicker over the last couple of days (this all went down last Thursday), A-Rock obviously mastering this incredible awkward and adorable 'crawl'. 

And so up go the gates that are not fitting properly yet.  Frick.  You look forward to this moment their whole life, than it catches you by surprise and you suddenly realize that you house is pretty much a DEATHTRAP for mobile babies.  I must now relearn how to baby proof a house...............wish me luck..........

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