Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Real Man

Rohan has been expressing his independence and individuality quite a bit lately.  Most of all, R-dog has been showing off his love of himself.  Over the last couple of days he has exhibited his narcissism to extremes only a young lad of 3 can truly explore.

One example of his egocentricity was an incident yesterday evening.  He discovered an orange ribbon on the floor of my bedroom (I don't pick shit up for days, whatever..).  As he wrapped the ribbon around his shirtless torso he exclaimed with the force of certainty I am a real man.  While flexing his pythons in a manner suited for only the most muscular of body builders, he continued to assert that his orange ribbon combined with his blatant brawn created a real and true man.  Where in the hell do they get this stuff?

Shortly before this demonstration of pure testosterone, he showed us how much he just couldn't get enough of himself by eating his own boogies.  A love so strong that he could not imagine wasting any tiny bit of his manly man self!

A-Rock showed us how macho he was by picking up an earwig off the floor (dead or alive, we will never know) and munching on it, only to spit the partially consumed and tragically deceased carcass onto the carpet.  We plan to sign him up for Fear Factor baby pretty soon!

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