Monday, July 25, 2011

A good run

As Colin and I sat on the couch listening to Avery howl upstairs, he proclaimed with not even a small dose of satire
It was a good run. ..

You know what?  It really has been a good run.  For nearly 8 months of his life, A-Rock has made our life so very very much easier than we could have imagined by sleeping at night without much of a fuss.  He has had but a few sleep through the night nights (which is a very different term in respect to an adult version of a whole nights sleep...........very different indeed), but it has still been almost entirely painless.  Good baby Avery, good baby.

That is until recently, I would say over the last two weeks or so.  Instead of doing his usual tired grumbling rumblings before falling contentedly off to dream land, he wails as if crab like pincers are pinching him over and over again on his tender little tootsies.  WAAAAAAAAAAAA.  And though it is sad, and makes for a much more labour intensive put down (nurse, nurse, nurse, rock. rock, rock, pray, pray, pray).  We still feel extremely lucky to have had those precious, easy months in our first year.

We don't blame him, nor do we curse, or swear, or shake our fists at the ceiling muttering, why me god, why me, like we may have on the odd occasion (very rarely,, really) with R0-Dog as a young pup.  We are a bit more patient and understanding this time around.  We see those two top teeth popping out (upping the count to 4),we can not help but notice that his nose has been releasing a clear and constant stream of slimy snot, making it hard for him to breathe, especially at night. We understand.  It's tough.

Maybe he is just feeling a bit more needy these days.  Maybe we threw him off schedule by going to the cottage last month, having him stay out late at night, so desperately tired that he had no choice but to fall asleep on his Nana...Twice... Only to force this on him again next weekend.  What can you do?  Not live?  Have no fun? 

Anywho, he is not that easy to put to sleep these days, but, regardless of this indiscretion,  we love him still..........

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