Wednesday, July 20, 2011


There are so many positive aspects, positive outcomes, to having your power out for four days.
  Here are just a few of joyous things that come from no power (not to forget of course that with no power = no phone AND no water)

1) You get to enjoy the magic of camping, but in a house, and with a toilet.  This toilet, of course, will remind one of an outhouse REAL quick like.  (see Colin gagging and nearly vomiting when opening up the lid after only 2 short days of deposits).

2) You do not need to do dishes for several days.

3) You do not need to do laundry for a couple of fact.....

4) Cleaning of any kind is thrown to the back burner as quick as sex after two kids (boooyaa)

5) You get a chance to start a fresh with new and exciting foods to fill up your now empty and foul smelling refrigerator.

6) You have a fabulous reason to leave the house every eat.

7) You can justify all the crap foods that you have been surviving off of for a week, such as cookies, chips, peanut butter and jelly sandwiche,s pasta and sauce made in one pot cooked on the single burner butane jobby that is meant for camping....

8) You aren't expected to make dinner every night, cuz there ain't nothing to make and no ways to make it!

9)  You finally get your sorry ass off of the computer and spend some quality time with (yelling at) your kids.

10)  You get to enjoy a refreshing bath in the river in front of a bunch of drunk teenagers.

11) You get to bond with your significant other in your stinky, sweltering hot, extremely messy, pitch black house.  Or read by candle light, than pass out at ridiculously early hours of the evening, whatever floats your boat.

Stuff that I missed the most during our powerless days?  Coffee in the morning.  Once the butane burner was found I was pretty much good to go!  Oh, well, I guess flushing the toilet was up there (barf). I can live without a shower as long as I have a body of water to swim in......

Overall?  We survived four days with no power, and it wasn't too bad. 


  1. Oh Hahahah this is very funny! I didnt have time to read your other posts to maybe find out why you had no power but I related to all of your comments about having power outage so good to look at the positive when we are faced with times like that!! Thank you for the laugh

  2. Thanks! It was really not that bad, we are a pretty adaptable species..........ish. I didn't actually explain the power outage on any of my previous posts come to think of it. It was just from a flash thunderstorm that took down a mass amount of trees. Our area tends to get blackouts with even a minor flicker of wind so a major thunderstorm can really take it out of us!