Monday, December 20, 2010


What a ridiculous day! I had the grandest of intentions today. It started off pretty good, I dropped the big man and the big boy off at his is friends house and me and the wee man took a walk through town to buy some odds and ends. So far so good, everyone is happy, it is freezing out mind you, but wee man is toasy woasty in my Kangamama pouch under my sweater and jacket.

I love walking. I feel denied all this glorious walking when I have to keep my pace slow and often completely halted when walking with the big boy. That added to the fact that it is freezing cold and at home there isn't much walking to be had unless I drive to a place to walk. Needless to say, I don't get out much! I feel icky if I am stuck inside with no exersize, which has very much been the case over the last two months, blah.

So this beautiful novelty of walking with my baby strapped to me was very great. I finished my odds and bobs shopping, grabbed the car seat and the lap top and headed to the local cafe to have some quality facebook time. I ordered a sammy and a coffee and sat in a booth with eager anticipation filling my entire being. Yippy! Man it feels so longs since I have wasted a few hours on the computer!

Well this magical outing sucked. I sat down and tried fruitlessly to get online. Something was going horribly awry and I couldn't fix it. The staff couldn't help. Baby woke up, hungry, of course, and started fussing. A girl came over to help. Bambino started getting very very angry. Girl would not go away so I could nurse, baby is screaming. The whole cafe is looking at me, mostly with sympathy as there was a huge excess of older women. Baby screaming, girl goes, try to nurse, baby is too inconsolable to feed, stays screaming.

At this point I give up on a nice peaceful cafe experience and start packing up my stuff like a mad woman, sweat dripping off my brow as I layer back on our winter gear. A young guy comes to try to help with the computer while a regular cafe goer comes to gush over the baby and be just over all annoying and in the way. Battery on computer dies, I eyeball the exits like a caged animal. We are finally dressed, the laptop is packed in its case and I bee line it to the back door. I try to juggle the car seat, the baby carrier and the lap top while trying to open the door, laptop falls, cursing I pick it back up and finally maneuver my way out to the winter wonderland. Baby carrier falls into the slush, my back starts breaking with the weight of the ridiculously heavy car seat, god those things are freaking heavy.

I made it back to the car and managed to make it through the rest of the day fairly unscathed, but holy crap that was a intensely traumatic outing. Whew, glad I only had one with me at the time!

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  1. of all I can see they tried helping you out every time it was not time and then you had to juggle with the door to get people will always impress me!!!