Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I have been examining the inside of this little ones mouth for at least a week now. He has been exuding all the tell tale signs, drool, random acts of general unhappiness to outright outrage, and knawing obsessively and agressively at most things that enter into his mouth. Excepting my boobs (thank the sweet lord for that one!)

It seems impossible to me, a cruel joke for the poor wee man, and for his poor breast feeding mama. Though come to think of it, I nursed Rohan until he was one and a half and escaped unscathed.

I have shown the little white, almost protruding, markings on his gums to several professional moms (in my eyes all moms are pro's!) and so far 9 out of 10 dentists agree, my baby is already spouting his first tooth, or at the very least showing definite signs that the tooth is available to pop out at anytime.

I remember from my first teething experience, that although you may see the very top of the tooth threatening to pop through the gums, it can trick you by popping through and sneaking back in over and over again. This can last months. The pain and agony of attempting to push a tooth through a fresh unscathed gum can last for MONTHS. Poor little bambino, poor little mama!

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