Monday, December 20, 2010


My mornings have gradually gotten earlier and earlier and my nights later and later. Sleep....................yes, I think I remember what that was like, sort of .

Our dear youngest has started the in the evening crying and general fussiness. This is now lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. I am absolutely okay with him being awake, but he is awake in such an unrest, so miserable. Damn, this is a very very familiar scenario. oh yes and the near impossibility to put the little guy in his bassinette, slowly slowly ..............ever so carefully...........lowering...........damn, too hard. Oop he is still sleeping very very gently removing hands from under him.................bam, eyes open as if he had been awake the whole time. crap. Here we go again!

There has even been an occasion that Colin has come home to see me sleeping in the bed in a sitting position with the baby sleeping on my chest. Yup, done that before!

Now that my nights are becoming later than my ever loved 830pm bed time I would have hoped for a nice long sleep in, like 8 or 9am (let's insert here that I am not sleeping the whole time, I am waking several times in the night.........those infants, man!). Yumm sleeping in, remember that feeling? Nope, me either! Actually that is a lie, when we were at home the big man woke up with Ro-Dog and let me and the baby sleep in, ah yes, those were the days!

Here we are at the in laws house back in our home town and now the wee ones schedule is outta whack. Crap. Now he wakes up at 5ish for some early morning playtime/fussy/angy time. And, to tell you the truth, I secretly enjoy that time of morning. Nobody is awake, just me and the baby, I make myself a coffee and do whatever I can on the computer that doesn't require internet connection..............oh how I miss those hours wasted on the internet! 5 in the morning is so quiet and peaceful, I get to get used to being awake before I have to face anyone. The bambino and I get some quiet alone bonding time, a big novelty with the second.

So far, my lack of sleep ain't so bad, aside from my midday insanity, yelling, cursing, crying, throwing things, you know, general overtiredness!! But other than that, I think I can handle it for now.................but sleep training will be in the near future little one, so get ready.....................

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