Friday, December 3, 2010

little penis

I just need to write this in because it may be the funniest conversation I have had with Rohan to date.

Rohan is sitting on the potty at Grandma's in her living room taking a poop. Because it isn't really made for Rohans 'extra' appendage, we always make him tuck so as not to urinate on his pants, thus defeating the pee pee in the potty in the first place.

So there he is tucking his penis, which gave him the idea to talk about his penis.

Rohan: Mama, no penis

Mama: That's right Rohan, mama doesn't have a penis, does Avery have one?

Rohan: Little penis.....awwww

Mama: What about Rohan

Rohan: Woah, big penis, woah!

Mama: And what about daddy?

Rohan: Woah woah woah, BIG PENIS, Woah, LONG

Mama: Laughs hysterically

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