Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The family bed

We have an unintentional 'family bed'. The night starts off innocently enough. We usually get Rohan down (in his bed, in his room) and sleeping by.......say 8ish pm. Avery comes next, or if he has had a very poor sleeping day (which seems to be the case more and more these days) he hits the hay (in his bassinet, in our room) before Rohan. Or some nights, the hubby and I, tag team and get them both down simultaneously, which is impressive work!

However it happens, they both start off in their respective beds.

The next to go down (and admittedly, this is not that much later than the kiddies..........whatever, I am up at RIDICULOUS hours in the morning, I need to make up for it somehow!) is moi. Than, sometime in the late night or early morning Colin finally makes it into bed (one serious downfall to having TV, Colin's new found late night addiction to watching it, not that it really matters, I am ALWAYS sleeping by the time he comes up, and he pretty much ALWAYS sleeps in.............I digress).

At sometime during the night, anywhere between 11pm and 1am Avery wakes up for the first time. Now I could be the mom that is so efficient that she wakes up, feeds the little guy and places him back in his little bassinet as I proceed to stretch out comfortably in the bed and drift ever so gently back into to dream land. That is, however, not my style. Supermom I am not. I pick the little icicle hand man up and out of his sleeping vessel, lay him down beside me, and sleep feed him (me and him sleep while he suckles on the teat). And then wakes up and suckles again on the teat. And again.......etc. while grunting, tossing and turning, and taking up half the bed (how is it possible? his is TINY!)

If I don't give up the fight at some ungodly hour of the morning (such as this morning at 4am) after hour(s) of attempting to put said baby back to sleep, and head downstairs to waste my morning playing on the computer (see unhealthy addiction), we get another addition to our little nest egg.

Rohan usually climbs into bed sometime after 5am, unless he wakes himself up before that with a dream or wet pants. So now, at about 5 ish in the morning this is our sleeping arrangement. Avery is on the side facing the door that is not up against the wall, than me (that is over half the bed taken up there as I like to give the A-Rock extra space in case he decides to learn how to roll over in the middle of the night). Squished between myself and hubby is our little space hog toddler who spends quality time, ever so gently, rubbing on small spot on Colin's arm, over and over again, that same spot, all morning, till Colin freaks out! haha Funny! And then there is hubby, pushed up against the wall, ever so slowly slipping into the crack between the wall and the bed.

And this is our family bed. I actually love it (and not just because, if we are all in there, it means that I have managed to sleep past 4 in the morning). It feels so............family, so cozy and loving and warm. And Rohan is THE BEST when he first wakes up. He couldn't possibly be cuter!

I don't think this family bed would be as successful (in my eyes, Colin hates it) if we didn't have a gigantic (free) king sized mattress (on the floor, frames are for adults). I feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it!

I want to go back to it, now, and sleep.................oh sleep, I miss you!

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