Saturday, January 15, 2011

So Hand some!

Since The wee man finally snapped out of his daze of infancy and started to focus his attentions, they have always been on us. We, his loving family, have been the only steady available visuals for him for the last little while, everything else sort of blurs past his vision.

This has been great for all involved as you feel as if you have some connected time, and he focuses all his smiles and giggles toward you, his adoring mother (brother, father, etc). Than in came little toys to wiggle in front of his face, which he LOVES. Cackling like a little crazy person at the plastic (evil, evil plastic toys.....) keys jingling in front of his sparkling knowledgeable eyes. But now he has eyes for only one thing.....

His motor skills are in rapid incline, he is gaining more and more control of his arms and legs, but more importantly (for him anyway) his arms. He has become blind to toys and the admiring smiles of his loved ones, he is now one hundred percent focused on the magnificence of his hands. He will sit for minutes at a time (hours in big people time) just staring at them with awe as the fingers slowly tap the palm of his hand or he ever so gently gives the air a high five.

This is his amazement. His hand. His fingers moving, or not, but his hand is what keeps that spark of interest alight in his eyes. His hand. It takes a whole room filled with clowns and jugglers and tight rope walkers with a dose of crazy snowboarding/skateboarding/biking/skating tricks to even keep my attention for a while. And a short while at that. Something spectacular has to happen for me to get that look of amazement. Not the wee man, all he needs is his hand. I would like that back please. Innocence, it is beautiful!

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