Monday, January 10, 2011

THe reason I am so Dang tired!

I discovered a super cool website (again through Offbeatmama, I love that site!) called My Trixie Tracker Site On this website you can track the sleep patterns of your infant, as well as your nursing, dirty diapers, medicine, solids, pumping patterns etc etc.

It then gives you a little graph that you can give to you nearest and dearest for a holiday card, or just to show them as an explanation for why you have been acting like a zombie has eaten your brain, leaving you incapable of holding up a regular, adult conversation filled with real words that you remember right away and don't have to dig deep into your brainless head to search for, only to find that you have forgotten what you were talking about in the first place.....................

You can also offer these loved ones the option of actually viewing your website in real time by giving them a guest password (if any of you 'followers' would like to check mine out, just let me know and I will forward you the password) so they can check to see if you have been up since 3 in the morning and whether it is worth attempting a social outing or just leave you in your sleep deprived madness.

OR, OR, could show that you are finally getting massive amounts of good quality sleep and so your loved ones feel they can invite you to those real good time social events that go on later than, say, 7pm, without concern of you falling asleep in the nearest comfy spot you can find (coat room (who actually has one of those anyway(can you bracket inside a bracket inside a bracket?? hmm)) chair, bathtub, on the can taking a pee etc etc.).

Just wanted to share in the excitement that has now become my life..................*shudders*

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